Digital Youth Research at Berkeley

Dana Boyd is the lead author on a final report (see link above) about teenage girls’ social digital literacy practices. She and her team (includes Ito!) found that FaceBook and MySpace are rapidly taking over other media as a prime way for teenage girls to get and keep friends. In Canada, the minimum age for joining both of those social networking sites is 16 years;yet, it seems like most of the elementary students I know have such a space. Blogs have been used, until now, for sharing personal information with select groups of friends, so it will be interesting to see if blog numbers decrease for teenage girls over the next few years.

Dana has publications available online when you Google her name. She wrote an excellent article about redefining blogs, and it is available.

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Collaborative Writing Project- Blogger

James drew the picture of “Blogger” ( I thought it was avatar because it looks a lot like me these days). We have decided to create an on-line story…

The Beginning…

I said that I would  write a story about blogging on November 5, 2009. Why did I write that ?

Now, it’s like a promise that  I can’t break. I could erase it, but people have seen it. Actually, according to my blog stas, nobody reads this blog.

That’s not entirely true, so maybe I will write one, a story that is. Okay here it goes…wait, the phone rang. I will back. Honest.

Blog Post by Sydney…

Once upon a time there was a cat. He was a very handsome cat with extremely soft fur right behind his ears.

He loved Tuna treats. But his owner was always too busy to get him some.

Pinar Presentation- Curriculum Studies

Pinar Nov 4

Pinar Notes

This is my PowerPoint presentation from today. I have also included the notes that I took (mostly quotations) on his book while I read it.

Thinking by Writing

The link that I have placed above and that is now on my blog roll is important for anyone who studies in the area of digital literacies. The portal is a collection of expert bloggers  and scholars who report the preliminary findings from their studies as they are engaged in research.

I have just read an article, “Blogging as Social Activity,or, Would you let 900 Million People Read Your Diary?” by three scholars at Stanford. They reported that their participants reported that they blogged to give advice, to seek feedback, and to “think by writing” about school and work tasks more often than to journal about personal stuff. I found that my blog has basically stayed the same (about my picture book or writing), but when I review other entries, I was “giving advice,” and “thinking by writing” in preparation to enage in off-line work on the picture book.

Some thoughts on a Friday night…


New Vlog

Next Pages of Picture Book

page 8page 9b

Beginning a New Collaborative Writing Project

My friend, James, who is an illustrator and cartoonist agreed to undertake a new collaborative writing project. You can observe it as it evolves. Please post comments and suggestions. The goal is to develop a character named, “Blogger,” who will become a visual representation (drawn by James) about what we are learning about blogging and story writing.

Okay, James, I will use words to paint my view of Blogger as she/he exists today. Blogger is a very busy academic with many roles and responsibilities. One ongoing role is to keep up with New Literacies, ways of making meaning in on line contexts. Blogger needs many tools (computer, computer desk, a good light, coffee, and  a blog page). Not only does Blogger need to be a character, he/she needs an avatar. I look forward to the image that you create. Once you upload, I will review some things that Blogger has learned about blogging and you can keep adding pictures.

We look forward to your suggestions fro what to add, change, take away from our character sketch.

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